Monday, January 2, 2012

6 down 14 to go

2012 started with a bit of a whimper as I opted out of running the resolution run with the Striders on Monday morning; unfortunately my left foot (plantar fasciitis) was acting up pretty badly after running a pretty fast 9 miles (8:40 average) on Sunday morning. Will try a few slow miles with the puppies later this afternoon.

In the mean time I have found something else to keep me busy:  working my way through a list of the 20 greatest cocktails of all time.  Just at the right time of the year  too!  Of the ones not familiar to Kath and I, we've tried (over the last week or so) Sazerac, Manhattan, Gimlet, Cosmopolitan, The Bronx and Negroni.  Actually I am quite familiar with the Negroni already...  So no surprise there.  Sazerac was very exotic (absinthe!!); Cosmopolitan is definitely a ladies' drink but nice to know how to make it; the Manhattan is a bit more 'masculine'; likely an acquired taste, the Gimlet was disappointing (too much Rose's Lime Juice) and The Bronx was our surprise favorite of the bunch.  Next week?  Sidecar, Old Fashioned or maybe a Whiskey Sour.

The Bronx Cocktail - mint leaves optional

All this hooch is of course no good for the 100 days of Weight Loss. No loss yet this year.  Day 22 of the program deals with eating with awareness; slowing down and savoring your food, as opposed to wolfing it down.  Guilty as charged!

Weight this morning:  172
Body fat percentage:  22%
Thursday 12-29:  6 miles with the dogs
Friday 12-30:  Day off
Saturday 12-31:  9 miles tempo run with Striders
Sunday 1-1-12:  No run
Monday 1-2-12:  4 miles easy with the puppies along Buffalo Bayou

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