Thursday, January 5, 2012

Olympic Trials coming soon!

The US Olympics Trails will be rolling into Houston on Saturday Jan 14 and I am planning to stake out a good spot somewhere along the route to take some photographs of all the speedy men and women athletes who will be zooming by at a pace of around 5 minutes per mile for the guys, slightly slower for the young women.  I am trying to decide on the best spot to get some good close-ups, might try the u-turn on Waugh. Very odd course layout.

Here is a link to an interesting animation which shows how the men's and women's race should progress if all goes according to plan:  US Olympics Marathon Trial race progression

Making some progress on the 100 Days of Weight Loss program.  Dropped a couple of quick pounds due to more diligent food recording, watching portion sizes and being more mindful about treating food as fuel, not filler.  Today’s ‘lesson’ is about eating smaller amounts of one’s favorite foods, less often.  So for example if you just can’t stand the thought of giving up ice-cream (not an issue for yours truly), then go ahead and have some, but try to limit it to just once a week or so,  not a whole half gallon of the stuff in one sitting! 

Thursday rant of the week:

First somebody drops off an item which none of us have used in like 10 years and then they call a couple of days later to make sure that we got it? What a waste of time, effort, money and paper. The item? Greater Houston Yellow Pages. I have about as much use for it as a typewriter or telex machine.

Weight this morning:  170
Body fat percentage:  23%

Jan 4:  6 miles along the bayou with Kathy and the dogs.  Fairly muggy but ok.


Amy said...

Wow - you are doing great on your weight loss Bert! You know how you could lose another 5 pounds really easily? Throw that phone book out with the old paper - LOL! I think I did actually use mine a few times last year, but now that everything's online, they should certainly make sure we want it before they deliver - what a waste when it hardly gets used.

Lily on the Road said...

The Yellow Pages? Good Lord...LOL at Amy, I love her suggestion!!!

Don't lose too much weight, the running season is just starting!