Friday, January 6, 2012

Can you see me now?

A visit to the ophthalmologist earlier this week was fortunately uneventful:  the good doctor tested both eyes and gave them the passing mark: peripheral vision fine, retinas and corneas and all the important stuff in shipshape condition, eyeball pressure normal, no sign of cataracts.  So why am I getting a slight 'double-vision' effect in my left eye?  Who knows, but it can be fixed by adjusting my prescription which we will get around to next week. 

It was a week for doctor's appointments:  yesterday it was the turn of my podiatrist, Ken Dennis.  Kath and I have been going to Ken for at least 20 years and we like his conservative approach.  His solution to a (running related) foot, ankle or calf problem is not to immediately prescribe a $500+ pair of orthotics.  No.  Ken might cut out a piece of thick moleskin and place it strategically under the left side of the foot to arrest a developing neuroma issue.  Or - as he did with me yesterday - suggest more stretching, foam rolling and trying a night splint boot instead of  a cortisone shot.  I'm all for it.  The cortisone can wait.

Day 26 of the 100 Days of Weight Loss.  What to do if you are eating something and it doesn't taste good or doesn't live up to the expectations you had for it?  Stop.  Don't keep hoping it will get better because it won't.  Too true; I have often found myself eating a piece of cake or a cookie when it really wasn't that great; out of habit or because of some silly old rule.  Bottom line: if you don't love it, don't eat it!

Weight this morning:  170
Body fat percentage:  22%

Jan 5
Ran 6 miles at 10+ mile pace with the dogs, lots of mouth-breathing by them, plenty of sweating by me.  Very muggy.
Good 50-minute workout with Amy.

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Lily on the Road said...

keep wearing sunglasses while outdoors, you want to keep your eyes healthy as can be.

Sounds like we all need to find a "ken", some podiatrists are just too ready to shoot you full of steroids and deal with the damage done later on.