Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Facing up to reality

To be honest, I have been spinning my wheels with the 100 Days of Weight Loss program since about Dec 24; so it is time to get serious.  On the plus side:  I've kept up with logging food intake on Fitday and have managed to avoid - much - weight gain, keeping it steady at around 172.  On the negative: way too many 'fun' calories in the form of alcohol, desserts, snacks and the like.  So to get back on track I will eat reasonable amounts, be sure to treat food as fuel and not filler, and re-commit myself to long-term goals.  This morning I am setting up a visual tracking device to plot progress.  Perhaps it will help to take a photograph of this board once a week!

My running partners Leopold and Lewis

Weight this morning:  173
Body fat percentage:  24%
Running:  4 miles easy with Leopold and Lewis along Buffalo Bayou.

Bert's Fitday Journal

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