Monday, January 30, 2012

Running goals

Since the unsuccessful attempts to qualify for Boston in last year's Mohawk Hudson Marathon in Albany NY, my running has just been meandering along without too much purpose or intent.  Mostly just keeping Kathleen company while she is preparing for Boston coming up in April.  Which is great and which is helping me as much as it is her: suddenly I'm doing 45+ miles per week!

I have entered for a few local races including a couple of 5K, a 10K (Rodeo Run) and a half marathon on February 19 (Rhythm and Blues).  Mixed results so far with the best effort being last Sunday's Run for Wellness 5K at 23:01. 

What I'd really like to do is get a bit more competitive in my age category in anticipation of moving into the next age group in May.  Right now by far the best thing I can do to improve speed is not more running, more (or less) speedwork, fartleks, strength training or anything else. It is losing weight.  The stepped-up weight training  and other strength exercises will help, but if I want to catch up with Allison and Dave in the next 5K at the end of February, my best shot will be to line up several pounds lighter. 

That means revisiting the Fitday pages every day and logging food intake; there is just no other way to tackle this. 

Weight this morning: 171
Body fat percentage: 21%


Teamarcia said...

I share your pain. I too need to address the weight issue. Again. I loathe journalling, but it's a necessary evil. All the best to you!

Amy said...

I think keeping track is one of the best ways to get a grip on food intake - it's just so tedious! Good luck, Bert!