Saturday, January 21, 2012

One race at a time

Last week it was 13.1 miles, this week a rather shorter but also more intense 5K race, the Rockets 5K downtown, from and back to the Toyota Center.  This race attracts a lot of beginners or occasional runners. Look around you just before the start and you'll see dozens of race shirts.  Veteran runners know that it is a bit of a faux pas to wear the race shirt on race day. I'm fine with it, though - many of these first-time runners will be back for their second or third run soon, how could they not - it is so much fun!

Kath and I both placed second in our age groups, which was nice.  Nothing to get too excited about though: very few of the real fast age group runners show up for this race because it is just one week after the Houston Marathon.  Hey, you take your opportunities when they present themselves, right?

I clocked a 21 minute something for the 5K but unfortunately that was not a true reflection of my pace which was 7.45 minutes/mile. The course was short by a lot:  2.8 miles instead of 3.1.  Must have had a real amateur race director.  When you put up a race, job # 1 is to get the distance right. 

I took a short time-out from 100 Days of Weight Loss; not that I really wanted to but pressure of work was just too overwhelming this last week.   Will pick it up again from tomorrow.

Weight:  172
Body fat percentage:  22%
Jan 20:  Rest day
Jan 21:  5 miles total including 5K race

Total miles for the month to date:  99

Here are some pics from the Houston Rockets Run:

Kathleen and me - 2nd place in our age categories!  Hardware baby.


Amy said...

Congratulations on the age group awards - hey, placing is placing! I agree with you on your annoyance with the short course, though - that drives me crazy.

Kenley said...

What is really amazing is when you go to a marathon and see runners wearing the race shirts (tech or non-tech) they got just yesterday. Great Job on the age group positions man. A 5k short by .3 miles. wow. That is something else. Well, all in fun right? Take care.