Sunday, January 29, 2012

Run for Wellness 5K

The dogs trying to 'help' me with a medicine ball workout
There were several good things about this morning's inaugural Run for Wellness 5K such as a fast, flat course, perfect weather, not many runners and correct distance measurement.  As opposed to last week's 2.8 mile Rockets Run, this one was 3.1 miles on the dot.  I almost forgot: it was free - complete with numbers, expert timing, awards and post-run breakfast tacos.  Can't beat that!
My time of 23.01 is well off a PR time but moving in the right direction:  average pace of 7:25, a lot better than last week's 7:45!  Keep up this rate of improvement and I'll be running a sub 20-minute 5K in no time, right?  Of course not, it will take a huge commitment on my behalf to even get close to that highly desired goal.  For now, I will concentrate on knocking off another few seconds or so between now and the last Sunday in February.

100 Days of Weight Loss Day 34:  Listen to your body; stop right at the point of feeling comfortable, not stuffed.  Learn how to monitor fullness by listening to the source:  the abdominal muscles that cover the stomach.

Today:  171 lbs
Body fat percentage:  22%
Mileage for the week:  48
Mileage for the month to date: 157

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