Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Of weights and weight loss

More than two weeks into 100 days of weight loss.  So far I have not been able to report any drastic weight loss, I'm basically stuck at around 170, but it could have been worse.  I think the best thing I have done so far is to start logging food intake again on Fitday - I know that in time, considering my exercise frequency and duration, the weight will come off.

Right now I'm hopefully building some new muscle thanks to Frank at Fast Results Fitness.  He has really put me through the wringer lately with some very tough workouts including the '300' workout which was used for the movie of the same name, to get the actors into 100% ripped state.  I can see why it worked; my hamstrings were shredded for nearly 3 days after the workout! All the weight-lifting is helping to bulk up the shoulders and pecs, but it is no good for weight loss.  Will just have to be patient I guess.

Day 17 of 100 Days of Weight Loss is about turning around the old rule of never wasting food by eating everything on your plate.  Rather look at it like this:  every time you eat food your body doesn't need, you are wasting it.  So you can get rid of leftover food by throwing it away or eating it; either way it is wasted.  Of course there is a third option:  keep it as leftovers or freeze it for another day. 

Weight this morning:  171
Body fat percentage:  22%

Dec 27 recap:
5 mile tempo run with the dogs along Buffalo Bayou
50-minute upper body and arms workout with Frank

Bert's Fitday Journal

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Amy said...

I hate wasting food, but the best advice my mother ever gave me was not to finish the leftovers on my kids' plates - just throw it away!