Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Luta Continua - New Year's resolutions

As the saying goes, the war goes on.. No not that kind of conflict involving bullets and missiles and drones. The internal kind, fought with will-power, perseverance and lots of good intentions. The never-ending self-improvement struggle from about age 14 until you finally don those big-ass pitch black dark glasses that fit over your regular ones, start up the Buick LeSabre or other AARP-approved automobile and shoot across 6 lanes of the Katy freeway, never looking left or right.  Until that day - when you officially join the ranks of the elderly and declare yourself immune from peer approval or social opprobrium of any kind - you're probably working on something to make yourself better.

It could be what you wear, how you look, feel or think, there is always something just barely out of reach, that will make us all happy and content. Or at least get us close. Overcoming bad habits, losing weight, getting faster, running a Boston Marathon qualifying time, learning a foreign language, completing the new PX-90 workout program, you know the drill.  And of course with yet another new year lurking just one full moon away, our thoughts turn yet again to re-inventing ourselves.

Just not this year, at least not for yours truly.  Come January 1 2012 I will be more than two weeks into the 100 days of weight loss program, so that's taken care of.  I've already washed my car - first time in 6 months - and donated a bunch of slightly used clothing to Goodwill Inc to resell at a huge profit.  Someone is going to get lucky with Hawaiian shirts.  My 1/4 portion of the walk-in closet is nicely organized (t-shirts, short sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, suits, pants - except for the ones that don't fit right now - and running gear). Likewise, socks and underwear are each in their own little compartment thanks to a long-ago purchase from The Container Store.  Shoes - ditto.

So I am officially declaring 2012 a resolution-free zone.  For once the new me of 2012 is just going to have to be happy with inheriting the old existing me. The physical things that are not organized - did anybody say garage? - will have to wait.  I'll postpone any further attempts at harnessing the stuff below the surface - hopes, ambitions, desires, regrets, whatever until I enter a new age group category in May next year. That will be a more appropriate time to take stock than on a new year's day which has the audacity to fall on a Sunday this year.

Weight this morning: 170
Body fat percentage:  23%

Dec 14:

Miles run:  6
Other exercise: None

Breakfast: oats + soy milk, 1 slice w/w toast
Snack:  baked tofu
Lunch:  red beans and brown rice, fresh orange
Snack:   Banana, grapes
Dinner:  Udon noodles with vegetables + tofu

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Amy said...

Reading your blog makes me think you must have been inspired by the latest Zen Habits post! Good luck with your weight loss - I admire you to have the guts to do this right through the holidays rather than waiting til January 1st - you are a good example to us all!