Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's all about protection

Day 6 of 100 days of weight loss is about protecting your healthy eating program.  Not depending on others to help you be successful, or blaming them when you fail, but to take responsibility and  to  either evade or manage some of the most common pitfalls on the way to losing weight.

We've all had to deal with mostly well-meaning 'food pushers' who just can't bear the thought that you're not having dessert, or a cookie, or a second helping of whatever is going.  The 100 days program advises to tell them that you may have something 'later', not just now.  They won't notice if you never do.

A perennial problem I have to deal with is family members buying sweet treats and leaving them all over the house,  tempting me with open packets of colorful icing-covered seasonal cookies, chips and other salty snacks.  If I open the fridge, there's a half-consumed container of hummus or guacamole, or some other delicacy.

Often there's even better 'junk' such as the 'churro nuggets' which my DW thought would be a nice post-run treat for our running group.  And so it was, but here I am a week later drooling over a big package of the stuff.  Its #1 ingredient?  Sugar.  Followed by corn meal, corn syrup, canola oil and molasses.  Just one tiny ounce of this sweet, caramel-flavored nothing delivers a whopping 130 calories. 

But no worries, this time I will do what I have to do to protect the program.  I'm having a cup of white tea instead.  Calories?  Zero.

Weight this morning:  170
Body fat percentage:22%

Dec 16:
Breakfast: oats with soy milk, banana
Lunch with clients @ Escalante - burrito de vegetal with beans and rice, diet Coke, about 5 small chips with salsa
Dinner:  Pizza @ Piola's
Running:  zero (off day)

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