Monday, December 19, 2011

One week and counting

Day 8 of the 100 Days of Weight Loss means that one week has gone by:  2 pounds down and a few percentage points lower on the body fat scale.  Not too shabby. 

Of course this is the easy part, the low-hanging fruit.  Things are bound to get tough as time goes by but for now I am happy with the progress and thankful for the support.  Fortunately I have no one around here who will snatch my plate away, give me a lecture about what I can or cannot eat, and so on. 

To the contrary they are quite supportive – my wife is always the first one to hand out a compliment (I could follow her example) and once she figures out that I am on a ‘serious’ streak, she cuts down on the junk food purchases. 

We had a really nice dinner tonight – Ribolita Soup - from 1000 Vegan recipes.  It is a hearty Italian soup with lots of vegetables including cabbage, kale, carrots, red onion and potato.  Hearty because of the inclusion of a couple of cans of Great Northern Beans. It was really excellent – very filling and I am sure not too calorific. 

My diet has been much improved the last few days; keeping track on Fitday definitely helps.

Dec 18:
Weight this morning:  171
Body fact:  21%
Running:  4 miles easy with the dogs

Coming soon:  'before' pic


Amy said...

Are you using that book, "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle?

Junie B said...

i'm watching! so i can hold you accountable from the interwebz. :) I like that you are posting more often. i have been writing everything down again that I eat so i can give to my trainer. one day last week, I just put a :( for that day. LOL!

Bert said...

Amy yes, I stumbled across it on Amazon/Kindle. I am always doing 10 things at the same time & get distracted easily so this day by day thing helps keep me on track... :-)