Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There is no luck in being a healthy weight

Day 10 of the 100 Days of Weight Loss is about appreciating good support.  I really don't have a problem with that: when it comes to my weight I am always happy to receive a compliment and to thank the person appropriately.  Only because I know only too well how hard it is for most (all?) of us.  People can sometimes underestimate the effort by dismissing someone's trim figure by saying something silly like " are so lucky to be thin, you never gain weight."  There is no luck involved.  There may be an isolated case here and there of someone with an overly high metabolism but mostly appropriate weight is a result of a healthy lifestyle with good food choices & quantities and plenty of exercise. Consistent small effort, plugging away day after day.  And yes there's going to be an occasional lapse.  But just like any other on-going relationship or even a business endeavor, you just have to shake off the occasional misstep and stay focused on the goal. 

Last night's run was an easy 4 miles with the two Boxers, from the house across Beltway 8 and then along Buffalo Bayou, turning around at Wilcrest.  When it is not wet, I usually take the dirt/gravel trail - much to the dogs delight as it gives them ample opportunity to look for living creatures and to revel in the myriad of smells which they are able to detect. Fortunately my human sense of smell is not nearly as well-developed otherwise the run might not be as much fun.  Too many other dogs around.

Weight this morning:  170

Body fat percentage:  20%
Dec 20:

Running:  4 X mile easy
45-minute gym workout, mostly legs (squats), pushups and bench-presses.

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