Friday, December 16, 2011

Plantar fasciitis continued

I suppose as much as I continue to run I am not giving my left foot enough time to properly recover from the inflamed plantar fascia; racing 5 miles last Sunday probably aggravated the situation.  This morning's session with the Airrosti practitioner helped a lot; he took a lot of time applying rather severe pressure to each of the fascia, slowly moving on as the pain subsided in each spot.  All in all the experience was still extremely uncomfortable but not as bad as the previous session. I will continue to ice with my frozen can of fava beans, roll the foot (squash ball) and work on the tight calves with a hard foam roller.  It will probably be a good idea to reduce the mileage somewhat this week but somehow I don't see that happening.  For one thing the dogs won't like it... 

For Day 5 of the 100 days of Weight Loss I have to write down some of my favorite foods - to remind myself that I don't have to consume them right away just because I am thinking about them.  Rather plan to eat it at another time.  Well of course candy would be at the top of that list - I am going to have to postpone that guilty little pleasure until the end of this program.  My favorite snack is probably a mix of peanuts and raisins; might have some of that on the weekend after a long run. A glass of wine?  Saturday is coming up. 

Weight this morning:  170
Body fat percentage: 22%

Dec 15

Running:  4 miles, quite hot and muggy
1 hr PT, mix of abs, triceps, biceps.  Hurt my left shoulder in the process but should be ok by Saturday.

Breakfast:  oats, soy milk, grapes, slice w/w toast with Marmite
Snack:  soy yoghurt
Lunch:  Brussels sprouts, steamed red potato, 1 vegan sausage
Snack:  small apple, a couple of medjool dates
Dinner: red potatoes, left-over udon noodles with veg, steamed butternut squash, brussels sprouts, chickpeas.
Snack:  1 slice w/w bread with peanut butter & grape jelly.

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