Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to work

Well it is back to work in more ways than one.  Back to the office and also back to 100 Days of Weight Loss.  What with family dinners, movie outings, pizza nights and so on, I have not been too diligent the last few days, although I have kept up logging all meals on Fitday.

Weight is stable which is about as much as I can expect right now,  and running is going pretty well despite on-going issues with plantar fasciitis in the left foot.  It does seem to be improving although I don't want to say that too loudly!

Santa brought me another pair of bright orange Saucony Kinvaras - this is my second pair so hopefully the calves have now figured out that the ground is closer than when we ran with the old-school heavy heel support shoes.

Last three days of 100 Days of Weight Loss emphasized the following:

*  Don't skip meals or save up calories for a later meal
*  If you have a problem with late-day eating (me, me!), take a look at what you did earlier in the day. Eat a proper breakfast and eat a snack sometimes around 3 or 4 pm.
*  Taste sensation of food is strongest for the first two bites; you rarely need to eat more than that to obtain maximum value for your taste buds.  The rest is just feeding

Day 16 (today) is about the nurturing  power of food.  When you're feeling stressed or sad or lonely, food seems to make you feel better.  It may calm your anger or anxiety and lift your spirit. What is important is that - just like the taste sensation - you will get maximum benefit with just a couple of bites.  Two bites of a small chocolate chip cookie is likely all it will take to right your emotional ship. You don't really need to scarf down a whole boatload of them. 

To summarize:
10 miles on Saturday, 5 on Sunday and 4 on Monday.
Weight:  171
Body fat percentage:  21%

Bert's Fitday Journal

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