Monday, December 19, 2011

You can do it

D    Day 7 of 100 days of weight loss is all about motivation and affirmation:  I can do it!  I know I can lose weight – I’ve done it many times before and have gone down to 160 lbs quite often.  That of course, is not the problem.  The problem is sticking with the program.  When you’re on a ‘diet’ you’re doing one the following:        
  • losing weight,
  • maintaining
  • or gaining. 
Gaining is as easy as falling off a log.  Losing can be incredibly hard, even for people like runners who often burn off hundreds of calories a day.  Many of us  come to think that we have a license to eat pretty much anything we like, because of all the exercise. Of course that is not so.  Unless you are an ultra-marathoner who runs 100+ miles per week, you are going to have to watch your intake, otherwise   you will be adding weight.

So my job this week will be to make sure that the intake does not exceed the calorie burn from exercise and day to day activities.

Dec 17: 
Weight 171
Body fat: 21%
Miles run:  15 easy with Striders
Additional exercise:  40 minutes boxing/abs

 Bert's Fitday Journal

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Amy said...

I agree with you - it is very easy to overestimate just how much we burn off with running!