Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stride for Stroke 5K

Two mile warm-up and then Stride for Stroke 5K race this morning, flat but not particularly fast course (too many turns, some quite sharp). Felt pretty strong, time around 22:35 - ran mostly just by heart-rate, kept it upward of 155 all the time, in the mid to high 160's the last mile. Faded a little bit the last mile but less so than recently. Nice day despite the wind which was gusting well over 20 mph at times.  Decent turn-out but with many more – hundreds more! – walkers instead of runners.  Somehow I don’t quite see the point of paying $25 to walk 3.1 miles, but if it gets people thinking about a healthier lifestyle, then I am fine with it. 

Subsequently I found out that I had won my age group - haven't done that in a while!  Nice incentive to drop a few more pounds!  Clearly the high mileage and lots of leg and core workouts are starting to work.  Just have to keep the injuries at bay!

After the run, a ‘Pre-Olympics' workout/competition at Fast Results Fitness, with everyone doing 5 minutes of dips, squats, pushups, and burpees. Killer. Plus some abs.  I might have to take a nap or have a beer or something after all that!


Amy said...

Races in the states are so expensive! My mom was just telling me about one in Dallas that is charging 40 dollars for a 5K! It amazes me that people are willing to pay so much to do them. Here, they rarely cost more than 15 euros...

Bert said...

You are right, there was another 5K yesterday - the Race against Violence - here in Houston which charged $35 as the entry fee. And then they expect you to raise some additional funds as well. Pretty cheeky in my opinion.