Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The 'No S Diet'

This makes a lot of sense to me; found it by searching for 'no snacking' which has always been my weakness, together with candy/cookies/chocolate etc (aka 'sweets) and portion size (which are like seconds if they are too big).  This really simple 'diet' - all of 14 words - is all about moderation and self-discipline, but without all the hassles of counting calories, specifying or excluding certain/any food groups or types, and it is flexible to allow for some weekend indulgence.

"There are just three rules and one exception:
  • No Snacks
  • No Sweets
  • No Seconds
Except (sometimes) on days that start with "S"
That's it."

Clearly the path I have been on for the last few years is not the right one.  I'm just barely managing to keep my weight at or just over 170lbs, running and working out as much as I do there should be a downward trends. But there isn't.  Cue snacking (mid morning and mid-afternoon 'mini-meals'), sweets and seconds.  

So:  back to 3 meals per day with nothing except tea & water in-between - and we will see how it goes.
PS:  Days that start with 'S' also include 'Special Days' such as celebrations, birthdays, holidays etc.

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Amy said...

This is interesting, Bert. I totally know what you mean about the weight not wanting to budge, no matter how much we work out...sometimes I think I should just make my peace with where I am, which is not a terrible place to be after all. Keep me posted of how you do with the "S" diet!