Wednesday, March 21, 2012

500 and counting

As in 500 miles run, year to date. Miraculously the body (legs!) are still functioning pretty well.  As well as they can after just about 6 decades of work.  Not too much for the first 18 years, but steadily since then - and a lot more lately.  Actually I think my legs are getting used to the steady pounding - some steady foam-rolling must be helping.

It will be interesting to see how I measure up in the Texas Independence Relay starting on 31 March.  Our team of 12 - the West Side Occasionals - will be running 200+ miles from around Bastrop TX to just east of Houston, where the race will end Sunday afternoon in the shadow of the San Jacinto Monument.

 My brother who lives in Pretoria (South Africa) sends me some interesting photographs and cartoons from time to time.  I really enjoyed these:

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Amy said...

500 already? Wow!