Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next up: Texas Independence Relay

Starting late next Saturday morning our team of 12 runners - the West Side Occasionals - in two vehicles will be tackling 204 miles from near Bastrop TX all the way to the San Jacinto Monument east of Texas running nearly 40 legs in total, non-stop.  Two vans with 6 persons each switch off every 4 hours or so.  You grab some food and sleep where you can, otherwise it is all running all the time!  Sounds like fun, right!  It is, trust me.  This will be my second TIR, having participated in the inaugural event in 2008.  Which unfortunately resulted in achilles tendinitis and forced me to postpone running the Boston Marathon until the next year.  I'm not qualified for Boston this year so no worries on that front.  I will be taking a small camera so except a few pics to show up here by next Monday or so.

Running and working out have been coming along nicely despite some ongoing plantar fasciitis issue (left foot).

Here is a recap on the last week's running and gym sessions:

Monday - Bendwood Park route 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace
Really nice recovery run, legs still a little bit sore from Sunday (left calf mostly) but feeling pretty strong. Begin mini-taper for this weekend's 204-mile Texas Independence Relay.

Weigh-in day. Body fat percentage down to 17%, otherwise unremarkable. Still a long way from finding my long-lost abs, last seen in public c. 1979. Today it was mostly shoulders, biceps, some abs, pecs and lats.

Sunday - Bendwood loop 3 mi 00:29 09:39 pace
Easy recovery run with the Boxers; lots of fun with a whole bunch of little kids keen to meet with them at the park. They were on their best behaviour!

Saturday - New Ulm hills 20 mi 03:20 10:00 pace
Easy first half, tough coming back to New Ulm when you can actually see the hills... My left foot took a pounding. Happy it is done!

Lots of shoulders, weighted step-ups, elevated push-ups, ab crunches, triceps and pecs.

Very easy run, first 3 with Kath and the dogs, last 2 just us. Nice and cool. Legs a little bit fatigued but nothing serious

Wednesday - Bendwood Park loop 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace
Really nice run, the dogs almost behaved. Stopped to talk to some city workers installing a new lift station in our neighborhood. Huge job which will take several more weeks; they have to build it to 500-year floodplain requirements; the lift station (basically a pumping assembly for sewage) will protrude 7 feet above street level.

Easy 6 miles, first three with the dogs. It is amazing what a little cool weather can do for the legs!

Tuesday Rice track and Rice trail 5 mi 00:49 09:48 pace
Much nicer weather than a week ago! Mostly easy run around Rice, then a couple of miles on the track, a little faster, but no real speed work.

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