Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Racking up the miles

This year to date I have logged 450 miles which works out to an average of 42 miles per week.  I don't run on Friday.  There was a time a few years ago when this many miles cumulatively and too many weeks of 50+ miles tipped me into over-training. Why not now?  My nutrition is a lot better which helps me recover from workouts more efficiently, but most importantly I don't run hard all the time.  Keeping your heart rate relatively low for the duration of all of your long runs is key:  it prevents staleness from setting in and it allows you to have something in reserve for track workouts, tempo runs and races.  

Ran the Bayou City Classic 10K last Saturday in just under 50 minutes. Could probably have pushed a little harder but conditions were putrid with nearly constant rain/drizzle and wind! Had something in reserve at the end and finished well, about the only highlight of the day. Afterwards our little running group was huddled under the Striders tent like wet chickens, many of us in a near hypothermic state. 

On Sunday I helped Kathleen with her Boston training and clocked 17 miles in the process - she did 20 - but it was a struggle.  First we did 3 miles with the dogs and got drenched.  Came back to the house, waited an hour or so and then went out again for 5 miles, making it back just before a huge thunderstorm came through.  Took a nap (I did) and finished off the day's proceedings with a solid if slow 9 miles along the Terry Hershey Trail.  Such is the life of a long distance runner.

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