Monday, March 5, 2012

Lots of racing coming up

We’ve been enjoying Chamber of Commerce type weather here in Houston lately! Sunny, cool, hardly a breeze - makes running a pleasure! Went out for a mostly easy run this morning before work, first 3 miles with the dogs, then another 4 including 7 short hill repeats. It feels like my speed is finally coming back, and some more hill repeats and perhaps some 400’s at the track tomorrow and over the next few weeks, should help. 

I’ve become allergic to talking about weight loss – I think it would be better to just report about.  So here is the report on weigh-in day (Monday):  back to 170 lbs, down a couple of pounds from last week.  What is working?  Kathleen going totally vegan is definitely helpful as it encourages me to pay closer attention to my diet as well.  It has helped her – very quickly – to lower her blood pressure. 

Several races coming up this month and every pound I drop will help to propel my mass slightly more rapidly than otherwise, over a distance of 5 to 10k.  Next Saturday is the Bayou City Classic (10K), on the 24th March we will tackle the Houston Law Week 8K and then the very next day is the 3rd running of the Run for Wellness 5K.  My short term goal is to shoot for 22 minutes that day.  A pace of about 07:05.  Definitely do-able. 

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Amy said...

Good luck on those upcoming races! And isn't it amazing what going vegan can do for your health? Good for Kathleen!