Saturday, May 1, 2010

Memorial City Run for the Arts 5K

Kathleen and I ran the Memorial City Mall 'Run for the Arts' 5K this morning.  Lots of walkers and several hundred runners too - total registered number of participants more than 2,200. Despite the muggy conditions we both did well. Kathleen actually ended up 1st in her age group!   Although I did not place (tough to compete with a 50-year old when you're pushing 58), I finished right at the 22 minute mark which is a lot better than earlier this year.   We probably could have run a little faster had it not been for some lingering fatigue from last Thursday's final Tour de Bayou cross-country race.  This was a 3.5 mile dash along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Memorial Park, courtesy of HARRA, who sponsored a keg of St. Arnold's beer at the conclusion of the 5-part Thursday evening series.  On this last run I came in at #59, being passed by the always speedy Chris Adams in the last 500 meters.  Overall I think I improved my age-graded ranking to about #8 in the masters division.  Good enough for the spring, hopefully an incentive to do better in the Fall series.

Dinner last night was 'Julie's Spicy Peanut Sesame Noodles' from  One of our family favorites.  Vegan, but certainly not diet food with nearly half a cup of peanut butter.  On the side we had some green peas and plain polenta topped with  left-over 'Backyard Barbecue Sauce' (Veganomicon).  Plenty of leftovers for today!

This is what it looked like:


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Amy said...

Ooh, those noodles look good! Congrats to Kathleen for her first place and you did awesome, too, Bert!