Sunday, May 23, 2010

A 50-mile week

For the first time since I qualified for Boston - which was at the Houston Marathon in January 2007 - I managed a 50-mile week and that despite the heat and humidity of the last few days.  Very happy with that.  If all goes well over the next week or so, should finish the month of May with 165+ miles.  Without breaking down or over stressing the legs too much.  We followed up yesterday's slog with a much more manageable 6 miles this morning, split between a 1-mile warmup with the dogs, around the corner to Legend Lane and then 5 miles on the trails of Terry Hershey Park.  I wore the Vibram KSO's. 
Next weekend is the Astros 5K 'Race for the Pennant'.  It should be a good test, although the course is one of the worst of any of the city's premier 5K's, due to the inclusion of the Elysian Viaduct.  Why on earth would a race director want to slow down his/her 5K by including an artificial hill for no apparent reason?  Beats me.  Anyway, I will be able to compare this year's time with last year's, if nothing else. 

Here are a few pics taken last night at the hapless Houston Astros' game against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Ray's Jeff Niemann - whom we followed closely at Rice as he was there and played concurrently with our oldest son - pitched very well and is now a perfect 4-0 on the season.  Even so, the Astros could have kept it closer if they hadn't bungled so much defensively.  Lance Berkman was as guilty as anyone. I did not take a long lens; this is pretty much what we saw from our seats in the club level.


Amy said...

I just love a baseball game on a hot summer evening - something I really miss here! Great mileage and good that your body is handling it well!

Junie B said...

The bigger question is why would you want to do a race with a random man made hill in it in the scorching temps here in Houston?

did it ONCE before it was this route..and have never done it again. horrible horrible.

i will have just over 150 miles myself for the month! good stuff!!!

hope your saturday run was good.

Daleen said...


Vava said...

Looks like a great place to catch a ballgame, and didn't the Astros (hapless, as you say they are) take the first game of the series from the Rays?

Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. Although I am still a ways off 250km/month in training it doesn't seem as unattainable as it once did. I suspect as I train for my first marathon over the summer I will be right around that number each month. Cheers!

Billy said...

Great stuff Bert - at this rate, you might as well give the marathon another whirl! Hehe...