Friday, May 21, 2010

Track workout at Reagan High

Last night, Kathleen and I took the short drive down Katy Freeway to the Heights for the weekly Thursday evening track workout.  For once, I had some bounce in my step and for the first four intervals (2 X 200M followed by 2 X 400M) I stayed with the 'fast' group.  Always encouraging!  Lagged behind a bit over the last couple of 200M repeats, but only because my recovery was a bit slower.  I still need to check the Garmin but the 200M repeats were around 41 to 44 seconds, the 400M's about 1:30.  Now if only I could string 4 of those together we'd be looking at a sub-6 minute mile!  Dream on.

It was a fun workout though and so was the usual vegan BBQ sandwich at Field of Greens after.  Earlier in the day I had put together a red bean and corn salad (recipe from 1000 Vegan Recipes) which we will enjoy over the weekend.  There was an interesting looking recipe for a chickpea stew with tamarind which I might tackle later.  And perhaps a carrot puree with some fresh herbs and a dash of soy creamer.


Junie B said...


its MAYBE 1/2 m from my house!

do you run with a specific group for long runs? who?

Bert said...

Field of Greens is terrific! I am stuck on the vegan BB sandwich - and of course their fries are out of this world. I'm a Strider so we do most of our 'long' runs (haven't gone further than 12 lately) at Terry Hershey; will try running with a few inside the loop Striders tomorrow from Memorial Park. It's gonna be hot!

Alexandra said...

Is that a beer behind your bean and corn salad?

Bert said...

Yes it is... Belgian as I recall.