Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Downtown 'pub' run

The Striders got together last night for their monthly pub run and in the interest of being sociable and of course to get a good workout in, Kathleen and I tagged along.  Our group of about 12 started out from a very dismal-looking Market Square downtown (totally fenced in), and managed a pretty good pace in a semi-circle crosstown along Washington to the edge of the Heights, and then via the Sabine Street Bridge back to downtown.  We ended up in the 1900 block of Travis, at a dive bar by the name of Lone Star Saloon.  There was only one type of beer on tap but it was good and extra cold and we had all doubly earned it, sharing a couple of pitchers.  A bit of chit-chat followed, sitting in 'captain's chairs' on the very rustic outdoor patio.  Then it was off again down Main Street, left all along the tracks to The Flying Saucer.  Quite a place with literally dozens (over 70!) different brews on tap, ranging from Sam Adams summer ale (which I tried) to Kathleen's Abbey de Leffe Blend and many many others.  You can join their UFO club - sign up to be a member ($18) for which you get a t-shirt and a magnetic club card.  Swipe it every time to keep track of your consumption and after 200 or so  beers over as long a time-frame as it takes you - you are commemorated with a special (flying saucer) plate. 

The group went to one other pub from there but in a concession to our seniority, shall we say, Kathleen and I called it quits and headed homeward, with a quick stop at Jenni's Noodle House along the way for some Rockin' Veggies (Kath) and Miso Soba with extra shiitake mushrooms (me).  I love their t-shirts with slogans like"  We are the Shiitake" and "I saw Brad Pitt at Jenni's Noodle House".

Having done 5 miles earlier on Monday (morning), I tallied 9 miles for the day.  Added another 5 this morning, an easy run (as easy as it can be in this weather) along Buffalo Bayou.  I feel guilty for not taking Daisy along but it would be just too uncomfortable for her after the first mile or so.

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Amy said...

A cold beer does taste good after a hot run!