Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A visit to the dentist

With the exception of about 9 years or so when we lived in South Africa, I've had the same dentist since 1979.  I've seen him become prosperous, he's seen me losing my hair and replacing my real teeth with fake ones. In my next life I will be sure to trade places.  My dentist - Hans -  does have a very happy and loyal staff - after 10 years of service they get a Rolex watch.  In fact my hygienist just got hers - brand spanking shiny new with gold inlays and all - last weekend.  Wonder if it's too late for a career-change.

As they go, this morning's visit to the dentist was a breeze.  No real 'work' done, just a routine cleaning thank you very much!  I even got a semi-compliment for doing 'well' with the flossing thing.  I was just starting to feel good when the hygienist added that I really have no choice, with that many crowns daily flossing is pretty much obligatory... Ok.

Lately, my visits to the dentists have been a lot more uneventful, shall we say, than they used to be.  Back in the day (late 70's!) I would pre-anesthetize myself over a 3 martini lunch, and then go and see Hans.  Mind you, I cleared this rather unorthodox dental therapy strategy with him beforehand.  Put it this way: we were both very young and reckless back then.  So I'd show up at 3pm, feeling absolutely no pain, all smiles and flirting with the assistants (they were also much younger then - remember you only get the the Rolex after 10 years) and treatment would commence. Without the benefit of a pain-killing injection.  I guess it was a bit like one of those medieval surgical procedures where the patient has the option of downing a large tankard of mead or getting conked with a hammer.  Those were the days indeed.

Last night's hilly Tuesday run was great fun in Spotts Park, with all of us following Caitlin around the pillars and up and down the hills.  We didn't put in that many miles - probably only 4 - but it was an excellent workout.  My tally for the day was 9 so still on track for 165 for the month.  We enjoyed a few cupcakes after the run in celebration of my birthday.  When you are a fairly serious runner of a certain age, some birthdays become much more important than others.  I'm talking about entering a new 5-year age category of course.  This birthday didn't really 'count' because I'm still in the same 55-59 age group.  Am I looking forward to turning 60 in a couple of years time?  You bet.

 Houston Striders 'Hilly Tuesday' group on May 25


Ted Grimmer said...

It’s a good thing that your dental visits have been uneventful than it was before, that means you’re taking good care of your teeth now! And it’s amazing that the hygienist has been working with your dentist for so long already! I think that is a good way of rewarding them for their excellent service and loyalty.

Ted Grimmer

Eugenie Velasquez said...

Wow, ten years of loyal service! That surely deserves a grand gift! It’s so cool to know that your teeth are healthy at your age and that you are still able to run marathons! You’re really living a healthy life, Bert! Good for you!

Eugenie Velasquez