Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend recap

No marathons for us this weekend, but we did the pasta (carb) loading anyway...  On Friday I tried a recipe from Veganomicon - Udon with Shitake mushrooms and kale in miso broth.  Very tasty and quite easy too!  Having some miso in the 'fridge, we also tried a new (yet to be published) recipe for Miso Soba stirfry with greens and beans on Sunday.  Likewise a hit, and plenty left over for tomorrow!

Kathleen and I did get around to some running over the weekend, of course.  We were thinking about a race on Saturday morning but thought better of it due to Kath's strained calf muscle.  In retrospect it was just as well; a drenching rainstorm would have made things rather difficult. We did manage ten miles this morning along Buffalo Bayou: it was surprisingly cool, even a little misty, at the start but just more than 90 minutes later it was good and steamy.  Summer is back!

On Saturday night we saw The Big Lebowski (again) at the Museum of Fine Arts - part of their Jeff Bridges series.  The dude abides.  Biggest crowd we've seen in a long time at one of the MFAH film shows.  In two week's time The Fabulous Baker Boys will be shown - looking forward to that as I believe Michelle Pfeiffer is smoking hot in this movie - take a look at her famous red dress performance from the movie.   It's on YouTube.  Kathleen and I also briefly walked through the Alice Neel exhibition at the MFAH prior to Saturday's movie.  Wow - this lady could paint!  She had a rare talent for stripping away the superficial and exposing the essence of the subject in front of her.  There is not a painting in the exhibit that does not jump with emotional intensity and some are searing. Ms Neel painted them like she saw them.  A lot of the material depicts unvarnished sexuality which can be quite shocking even for us jaded survivors of the 70's and 80's.  The paintings must have been really controversial back when they first saw the day of light.


Amy said...

Both pastas look great - I have been craving pasta salad as of late, with avocados. I love Jeff Bridges - and the Fabulous Baker Boys is a great movie! I still have the soundtrack that I bought way back, the music was so well done.

Ali said...

Those pastas look delicious!

I am from Houston too :)

Junie B said...

another Houston blogger with food/vegetarian/running yumminess!!!

thanks for the comment; now i have another blog to stalk!!!