Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hilly Tuesdays with Matt

Kathleen and I both look forward to 'Hilly Tuesdays' led by the Houston Striders' Matt Wright.  Guaranteed to be a good time, with a very steady group of about 15+ runners showing up every Tuesday to tackle a variety of trails, hills, bridges, fountain steps, overpasses and other structures sprinkled around Buffalo Bayou from Spotts Park and the Waugh Street bridge to downtown.  A couple of weeks ago we even witnessed thousands of bats flying out on their nocturnal feeding trip, from under the Waugh Street bridge.  We are quite familiar with the Sabine Street bridge too: thankfully no bats there, only about 100 steps which some of us take two at a time, up and down... Another favorite workout is the pedestrian bridge over Memorial - we double back over it, and include two other hills in a little mini-circuit, for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. As fast as you can go!  Matt always has a few new challenges up his sleeve:  last night it was a sideways shuffle uphill, heel first downhill... Stretch those calf muscles!  Some people pay good money for running advice and training of this caliber; all we have to do is show up. 
The 5 consecutive weeks of Thursday afternoon 'Tour de Bayou' races followed by two solid hilly Tuesday workouts - and increased overall weekly mileage - have improved both Kathleen's and my strength and speed.  Hopefully it will translate into a decent showing for both of us at the upcoming Summer Kick-off Fun Run 5K run this Saturday in Clear Lake. It will be the 19th and last run in memory of James Glenn who tragically died at age 19, 19 years ago.  His parents Stephen and Mariglyn Glenn have been putting on a very well organized race in his memory every year since then and have funded scholarships for more than 50 students over the years.  We've run this race the last couple of years and have found it to be one of the best (fast course and unbelievable after-party spread!) in the Greater Houston area.

Dinner today was easy and pretty much suggested itself.  I had some left-over brown rice and red beans from the weekend.  Together with a cup and a half or so of wild rice, a yellow bell pepper, some red onion, a few cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro it made a tasty and nutritious main course salad.


Amy said...

Your hilly Tuesdays sound like they are great training workouts - and in the heat too, phew!

Alexandra said...

It sounds all your fun and hard work is paying off! Did I really use fun and hard work in the same sentience! You make it sound possible!