Sunday, April 24, 2011

More vegan cooking

I tried two new recipes today; both recent entries on the Post Punk Kitchen (Isa Moskowitz) blog.  The first one was a Tofu stir-fry with avocado, basil & peanuts and the other a rather different Wheatberry 'Paella' with chickpeas and lentils.  Of the two the stir-fry certainly had the most popular appeal (it will definitely have to go into the regular rotation), but in terms of texture and taste, the  wheatberry had a lot going for it too.  

Kathleen and I saw an excellent Two Part movie at the Museum of Fine Arts over the weekend:  Mesrine: Killer Instinct (Friday) and Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 (Sunday), both starring the superb Vincent Cassel n the role of Jacques Mesrine ('MAY/rine), an infamous French gangster from the 1960's and 70's.  The movies are based on the autobiography of the astonishing life of crime led by Jacques Mesrine, who was assassinated by the French police trying to leave Paris in the late 1970's.   Cassel is perfect in the role of this violent, impulsive, narcissistic criminal who escaped from prison four times, seemed to have a never-ending stream of attractive women in his life, yet failed dismally as a son, husband and father.  A cautionary tale if there ever was one.

A pretty good 5 mile run today, with 30 minutes in Zone 3 (123 to 140).  Calves definitely better, slight tightness left on the right, a round of foam rolling helped.  Starting to feel some plantar pain in the left foot (will these injuries never cease...) Will be doing icing regularly starting today, also rolling left foot with special grooved wooden roller.   

155 or Bust Day 6:  Too much candy yesterday (it is Easter, that is my excuse).  Will avoid it today.  Oats & almond milk for breakfast, veggie korma for mid-morning snack after running. Stir-fry with tofu over rice for late dinner.  I would have to rate today a 3 on a scale of 5, in terms of meeting my long-term goal.  Will strive for a 4 tomorrow!

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