Tuesday, April 19, 2011

155 lbs or bust

It's time to start getting serious about dropping some weight.  Again.  Collars are tight, belts seem to be shorter than before, and the scale doesn't lie.  Yes I have added about 12 pounds since reaching 160 just about a year ago when I was in South Africa for my 40th High School reunion.  So to start laying the groundwork for what might turn into an attempt to again qualify for Boston at the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in October this year, I need to reduce the mass to 155 lbs or less.  This is Day 1.  Nothing too dramatic, just cutting out snacking between meals, checking and if necessary measuring portions, reducing fat intake a bit more, limiting wine & beer to weekends only, and keeping a food diary.

My calves are still sore from last Thursday's run so taking it very easy, mixing short 5-minute runs with walking; total of just 3.5 miles this morning.  Will add 20 minutes of rowing and some strength workout (stretch bands) after work today.

Looks like I might have to go out and buy Isa Moskowitz' 'Appetite for Reduction', her 'diet' vegan cookbook.  I made the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Tofu on Sunday and it was a big hit.  Today I will be making the Bistro Broccoli Chowder.  Just what the doctor ordered on day #1 of a weight-loss program!  I happen to have some frozen home-made vegetable stock on hand, so this should be good!


Junie B said...

I'm going for 113 or bust!!

Amy said...

I have her new cookbook and I love it! So many good simple recipes and all calorie conscious, it's excellent - my favorite recipe so far was the Veggie Korma...mmmm.