Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bert's Africa pics

Still working on my trip report but a selection of my photographs from the Botswana & Namibia trip can be seen on Picasa at this link:

Bert's March 2011 Africa photographs

there are a few good leopard shots, lots of lions, and some really nice Hartmann's Mountain Zebra photographs.  They are almost as photogenic as East Africa's Grevy's Zebra.  An interesting sequence is the one of the young male lion who had been left behind by his mother, while she was (likely) out hunting.  We observed this little chap for the better part of an hour and he acted every bit the pokey little puppy.  Looking for mom in every direction - especially in the direction she had walked away - and clambering onto both a termite mound and a tree stump to be able to see better. 

Have a look!

Not so good news:  My calves are sore from trying to come back too soon, too fast, so I am reduced to walking.  Should hopefully be ok by the end of the week.  

Really bad news:  it appears that our much adored Boxer - nearly 3 year old Daisy - may have suffered irreversible effects from heat stroke.  She has been having seizures which culminated in a prolonged episode in the middle of the night (last night) so I have been up since 2am, with a visit to the emergency vet hospital etc.  Very traumatic, not to mention expensive ($1,000) and right now the prognosis is pretty grim.  We have had awfully bad luck with dogs lately, having had to put our gentle Jake (also a boxer) down about 3 months ago.  I really hope we are not going to be faced with the same terrible dilemma with Daisy. 

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