Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

Completed first week of 18-week Hal Higdon Intermediate II marathon training program.  26 miles total, with Sunday's 10-miler - started a little late so it got too hot - by far the toughest workout.  Still waffling a bit on target pace; will likely try for 3:45 which would put the marathon pace at 8:34.  I think.  

I will be modifying the program just slightly by doing the Tuesday and Thursday runs as mile repeats and tempo runs respectively.  Starting with 3 and increasing up to 5 or so total mile repeats on the track on Tuesdays at a heart rate of around 155.  The Thursday run will be at tempo pace with the heart rate around 150 or so, depending upon what our group leader Steve has up his sleeve.

I did my first 'Body Pump' barbell workout last night at Rice Rec Center.  Light weight, lots of repetition, great fun. It will probably get more challenging as I increase the weight.  There were only 4 of us, so it was practically like having a personal trainer!

Weight is down to 167.
Week 1: -1
Week 2: -1
Week 3: -3
Week 4:  0
Week 5: -1
Week 6: -1
Week 7:  0
Week 8: -1

Starting weight: 175
Current weight: 167

Ten pound loss is within sight!

150 or Bust: 58 days down, 115 to go.

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Amy said...

Great job! I used to do body pump classes til I got a shoulder injury. They are a lot of fun!