Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grocery store blues

Once again my neighborhood Randall's (Safeway) decided not to have an express checkout lane open, during a very busy late Saturday morning shopping time.  There were several employees assisting other shoppers in the self-checkout lanes.  I guess they want to force me to also use the self-checkout lanes, but I refuse.  I do not enjoy listening to a disembodied voice telling me that there is an 'unfamiliar object' in the bagging area.  And it is not fun struggling to find an item on their badly written search menu.   I have a message for Safeway:  you can't force me to do anything.  Make it difficult for me to buy something from you, and I will buy it from somebody else.  Now if only HEB would open up a store a little closer to where we live.

Talking of grocery stores, this video about things "...getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot" is very funny.  And true.  Thanks to Kevin for the link:

Running is going well, finished up Week 2 of the marathon training program without too much of a struggle.  Today's 11-mile run took a toll on my left foot though; just when I thought the Plantar Fasciitis was reeding, it is back big-time.  Will go ahead and make an appointment with the podiatrist next week.  Better to try and deal with it now than 3 weeks out from Oct 9.


Amy said...

Our store has self checkout now and I actually love it. You get a hand held scanner to carry with you in the store and you scan items as you pick them up and then you can put them directly into your grocery bags. At the checkout, you simply put the scanner into a slot, see what your total is on a screen, and then pay. I love the fact that I don't have to re-bag everything, just pay and then load my bags into my car. This system is really nice!

Bert said...

I would be happy using a hand held scanner but the self checkout system here is Byzantine compared with that. It's a big guessing game trying to find the correct names for vegetables & other products without bar codes. And items such as wine/beer immediately brings the process to a screeching halt; attendant required...