Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-in

Weather delay (impending thunderstorm) for my planned  6-mile easy run this morning.  May have to postpone until later today or tonight.

Weighed in before my run:  down 1 more pound, right at 166.  One more pound to go for a solid 10 pound reduction over the course of 10 weeks.  So far so good, although I struggled the last few days with sudden urges to snack on raisins and nuts and raid the Girl Scout cookie jar.  I somehow or other managed to avoid the worst transgressions.  Writing down and logging the calories for everything you consume is crucial at such a stage, I think.  Also it helps to have specific calorie goals for each meal.  If you know breakfast is supposed to be around 400 calories and lunch 450, there is not too much wiggle room to load up on extra stuff.  My problem isn't breakfast or lunch, however.  It is at night - early evening - when my 'mindless eating' impulses are at their strongest.  Of course doing as much exercise as I am, often twice a day (running and lifting, or working out with the personal trainer) creates a calorie deficit which the body is instinctively trying to correct.  My job is to recognize that fact and deal with it.  You lose one pound of weight when the deficit reaches 3500 calories.  Either you eat less or you exercise more.  Preferably some of each, and in the right proportion to effect a healthy and sustainable weight reduction over time.


Week 1: -1
Week 2: -1
Week 3: -3
Week 4:  0
Week 5: -1
Week 6: -1
Week 7:  0
Week 8: -1
Week 9: -1

Starting weight: 175
Current weight: 166

Loss to date: 9 lbs.

150 or Bust: 65 days down, 108 to go.


Amy said...

Congratulations! You have done so well. I am still struggling - and I have the problem with early evening eating as well. Once I have had my dinner, though, I am okay.
I have really been enjoying the Appetite for Reduction cookbook - some awesome low fat recipes in there. I recently found a blog where they are making recipes from the book: The Reduction Project. It's on my sidebar if you're interested!

Melissa said...

You inspire me to get my act together. I really want to love 5-7 pounds and it's very hard. Congrats on sticking to it. You gotta give in on occassion though.

Yes, early evening, or all evening for that matter, is my weak time.