Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday #2

A little bit rushed today but wanted to check in briefly.


Week 1: -1
Week 2: -1
Week 3: -3
Week 4:  0
Week 5: -1
Week 6: -1

Which puts me at 168 lbs this morning; making progress!  I have gone back to FitDay to log my daily calories - it is really the only way to get close to a specific target such as 1800 calories per day.  Too much guesswork involved unless you log it pretty obsessively.  Takes a bit of time but after a while you just pull the same stuff from history.  We all eat a lot of the same foods over and over, don't we...  I'm cooking mostly from Appetite for Reduction which has nutritional information for each recipe which helps a lot - it is a real PITA to try to figure out the nutritional analysis for recipes without it.

I seem to be winning the war with the plantar fasciitis, probably mostly because of regular icing, stretching, rolling, and lately also some calf strengthening exercises.  Important to stick with it, even when the symptoms disappear.  Note to self...

Running is going ok but will have to increase mileage when I start the actual 18-week training cycle (Hal Higdon Intermediate II) next week.  Last couple of weeks were 20 and 22 miles respectively.  Not gonna qualify for Boston with puny mileage like that... :-)

150 or Bust:  44 days down, 129 days to go.

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