Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vegan on the Cheap

I'm having fun trying out various new recipes from 'Vegan on the Cheap' by Robin Robertson.  Batting .1000 so far with everything I've tried being easy to make, quite colorful and flavorful and of course, cheap.  None of the recipes exceed about $2.00 per serving.  Take that McDonalds!

Today's recipe was Curried Tofu Wraps.  With a little bit of mango chutney as a base, the flour tortilla is filled with a curried tofu & vegetable mix (with chopped peanuts & golden raisins & some lightly curried vegan mayonnaise) and then topped with shredded lettuce.  Even the boys liked it!

Kathleen completed her last 20-miler in preparation for the Oct 10 Mohawk-Hudson Marathon.  As with the previous 20-miler two weeks ago, we got lucky with the weather. It was relatively cool and cloudy - not bad considering that we've been going through a seemingly endless heat wave for the last three months now.  I managed 7 miles with Kathleen; the knee is still not 100%, in fact it is probably not even 70% but at least I can run 3 times or so per week. 

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Amy said...

I will definitely have to check that cookbook out.