Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not quite fall update

Very little relief so far from the summer heat here; we enjoyed one nice weekend two weeks ago and since then the daily high temperatures have reverted to the mid nineties, mid seventies in the morning.  Hardly conducive to running.  Kathleen has been very diligent about keeping to her Hal Higdon schedule in preparation for the upcoming Oct 10 Mohawk-Hudson Marathon.  It's getting closer now - we've got our flights booked, so the excitement and probably a bit of apprehension (Kath, not me) is building. Attempting to run a Boston qualifying time is a rather daunting prospect for most runners, realizing that it is going to be a close thing even if the weather conditions are near to ideal.  She's got one more long 20-mile run (tomorrow) and then the taper starts!!

I have been busy with work, so not as much time for other things.  Still mourning the loss of the Angelika movie theater, haven't seen any new movies lately.  I hear the new Ben Affleck movie is worth checking out, will try to make some time later this weekend.  Otherwise have started a new photography class (7 sessions) at Rice University's Continuing Education School.  I might have to move from the Thursday (advanced) to the Wednesday (intermediate) class.  I am not yet proficient with Photoshop and judging by the class curriculum, practically half the time will be spent on editing and processing.  I still need help on the technical aspects of the photo taking process, so will likely benefit more from the intermediate class.

Also cooking quite a bit, just got a new cookbook the other day: Robin Robertson's 'Vegan on the Cheap'.  Have tried 4 recipes so far and each of them have been a winner:  Moroccan Chickpeas and Couscous (I substituted the required golden raisins with regular raisins); Penne-Wise Peanutty Pasta; Three-Bean Loaf (had some sandwiches with the leftovers just like old-fashioned meat loaf) and Garden Rotini and Chickpea Salad with Inner Goddess Dressing.  Used a different type of pasta which I picked up at Whole Foods - made from quinoa and corn.  Tasty.  And as vegans know, if you eat quinoa more than twice a week you go straight to being an operating thetan Level VII... Just kidding.

Moroccan chickpeas and couscous

I probably could have added some broccoli but this was very tasty
Rotini and chickpea garden salad with Inner Goddess dressing
The faux 'green goddess' dressing is rich and creamy

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