Thursday, June 17, 2010

The World Cup on mute

Even with a sketchy knowledge of soccer (I think they should drop the off-sides rule to open it up to some higher scoring) watching the World Cup is better on mute than having to listen to the incessant droning of the vuvuzelas.  Whose idea was that anyway?  It really detracts from the experience, completely crushing the usual crowd response.  I read somewhere that the vuvuzela has its origin in South African culture.  Hmmm.  I grew up there and lived there for almost 40 years but can't recall ever seeing or hearing a vuvuzela.  Sure things were a lot different then, but still.  Vuvuzela?  I'll definitely look into that on my next visit to the area.  For now I will just take my cup of soccer tea without milk.  

Running has been coming along nicely, although at much reduced mileage compared with last month.  Which is probably just as well because I have been flirting with injury lately.  A month or two of reduced mileage will be just what the doctor ordered. So far this week we've had our 'hilly Tuesdays' workout - a pretty gruelling 5 mile effort with multiple steps, bridges, steep hills (up laterally and backwards) and some hefty chunks of tempo pace running - and a much easier 3-mile jaunt last night.

On the Crossfit scene things are improving rapidly.  I am starting to feel comfortable with the various workouts - or at least some of them.  Completed my first WOD which included the much maligned burpees! Also getting the hang of the kettle bell swing. Wednesday's workout contained no less than 70 push ups, 70 sit ups and 70 walking lunges.  Not to mention 30 burpees.  All that in about 16 minutes.  I'm really warming to the concept of high intensity training.  Will it help me improve my 5K time?  Only time will tell.  I guess we will see by late October. 

Trying a few new recipes from 1000 Vegan Recipes; here is a pic of grilled tofu with some green beans and  Southwestern Quinoa salad with Corn and Pinto Beans.


Amy said...

I know - those vuvuzela's are incredibly annoying but somehow we are getting used to them...we are just about to watch the USA against Slovenia!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i usually don't watch much soccer, but it is lots of fun to watch the fans here in miami