Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Crossfit workout

My new personal trainer Marie Pallatt is a Crossfit specialist and during today's workout she introduced me to a few basic moves including situps, pushups, squats and push presses.  I had to do as many as possible over a short time (20 seconds?), with a brief 5 second rest interval, for a total of 8 repeats, before moving on to the next exercise.  It took all of 14 minutes or so to complete the workout, but by the end of it I felt as if I had spent an entire hour in the gym.  Several hours later my arms and thighs were still fatigued - this workout method definitely rocks!

No running today or tomorrow - I am taking a few days off as I was definitely over-reaching by yesterday evening.  Towards the end of our hill workout (5 miles total) I was feeling severely fatigued and it took great effort to just jog back to the meeting spot.  Having experienced an episode of full-blown over-training complete with parasympathetic nervous system involvement a few years ago (that's when your built-in governor slows you down whether you like it or not), I am not keen to go down that road again. In any event, this is probably as good a week as any to take it easy, as we have the Marshall Ulrich movie (Running America) tomorrow at the Alamo Draft House at 7pm.  So no speed work tomorrow. Friday is my regular day off.  Hopefully my legs will be fresh for the Heights 5K on Saturday morning.

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Amy said...

I've never heard of Crossfit training - sounds intriguing (and hard!)