Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goal setting

Kathleen and I signed up last night (before the price went up by $5) for next Saturday's Heights 5K Fun Run.  As 5K's go, this one is fast and flat and we are both keen to see if our increased mileage, speed work and hill running will start to pay off.  Kathleen probably stands an excellent chance to place in her age group; I might have to wait a couple of years when I'm on the fresh side of the 60 to 65 group.

I got a pretty good start to the week this morning with 6 easy miles,  keeping the heart rate in the maximum aerobic conditioning zone.   

In a general fitness blog I picked up some very good advice about setting goals - which I am sorely in need of.  The gist of the advice is that goals need to be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-defined.  When I have a moment or two later during the course of the day, I will sit down with my little black book and write them down. For now I will concentrate on the short term, i.e. this summer.  So we'd be looking at perhaps going under 21 minutes in the 5K by the fall. Staying healthy will be key.

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