Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Measuring progress

I am now 2 weeks into my '155 or bust' program, and I honestly have not made much progress.  On the positive side, I am tracking my calories for most meals (things tend to fall apart by dinner-time...), I am running or at least walk-running 5 or 6 days a week, and I have halted any additional weight gain.  Also working out with a trainer regularly, 3 times last week and once already (on Monday) this week.  So things are happening and my abs, back and shoulders are definitely getting stronger.  I just need to shed a considerable amount of subcutaneous fat for any kind of muscle definition to show up. 

The scale can be deceiving.  It appears that my weight fluctuates by several pounds on a daily basis, depending on the time of the day, degree of hydration, and so on.  So just to add another 'wrinkle' to the mix, I am dragging out my nearly forgotten Accu-Measure set of fat calipers, which trainers use to measure body fat.  So as of this morning, before I set off on what will hopefully be a 6-mile effort, the depressing reality is that my skinfold measurement at the supra-iliac (about an inch up from the hipbone) is just under 30mm.  This is on the high side of 'average' which means that I am about 2 veggie burgers and fries away from being 'over fat'.  Quel horreur!

Weight today:  172
1 mile walk, 1 mile easy run with Daisy, 5 miles EZ along the Bayou
Very little residual pain in the calves. 


Amy said...

I find the closer I get to my "ideal" weight, the slower it goes to lose those last few pounds - which can be really frustrating! Hang in there!

Teamarcia said...

Wow you are really taking this seriously. Very inspiring to me as my weightloss efforts seem to be losing steam. Nice job!