Friday, May 13, 2011

Why think big?

I am upping the ante on the weight-loss front.  I am thinking less, not more.  Small, not big. So the target is now < 150 lbs by Oct 9 2011.  21 weeks to lose 20 pounds.  Doable, with a few more miles per week and a handful of calories less per day.  October 9 happens to be the day on which the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon will be run from Schenectady to Albany NY.  If I stay healthy I will be lining up that morning to race 26.2 miles – first marathon distance since my inauspicious Boston Marathon performance in April 2009.  The BQ time for Boston (2013) when I will be able to run in the 60 to 65 age group is 3:55 but to have a decent shot at registering (faster runners are favored) I will shoot for 3:45.  All the more reason to shed the excess fat slowing me down! 
I am not one to keep meticulous records of miles run per day/week/month etc. but just happened to notice passing the 400 mile mark for 2011 a day or so ago.  If it weren't for one really low month (March) I likely would have been well over 500 miles but I'll take it, especially considering the various injury issues.  The running is definitely improving, was able to knock of 8 X 200 meter repeats at Rice track last night without completely imploding. On target for about 40 miles this week which is where I want to be.

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