Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life in the big city

What do I like about living in the big city?  You can take in a performance of Madame Butterfly with world-class singers like soprano Anna Maria Martinez and tenor Joseph Calleja.  Fantastic.  Have a very late dinner at Piola's in midtown - Italian-style pizza with the best crust you might ever bite down on.   Or enjoy a superb glass of wine for only $5 at Vintropolis in the Carillon Center on the west side of town.

Better yet, discover a little mom and pop joint on Wilcrest called San San Tofu.  It is a restaurant with one of the best (and cheapest) vegan buffets in town.  It is also a grocery store of sorts. Where you can buy a bewildering variety of rice and noodles and lots of really interesting food to go, like faux barbecued beef, lemongrass 'chicken' and an astonishingly good  vegetable soup.

What really made the trip out on the Beltway to Wilcrest was finding some frozen 'veggie duck'.  I have a recipe here from the Post Punk Kitchen for Lemongrass Noodles with Mock Duck.  It calls for canned mock duck; which you can likely find somewhere in Houston.  Even so it was a pleasant surprise to see several packets of frozen 'Vege Duck' in the freezer at San San Tofu.  Coming up tomorrow?  Lemongrass Noodles with Mock Duck...

Four miles early this evening along Buffalo Bayou with Kathleen and Daisy.  Knee seems to be improving in small increments week by week.  Is it the Capcaisin?  Is it running on the Vibrams exclusively?  I guess I might never know, but whatever it is, I'm keeping on doing it.

Tent duty today at the HMSA 25K but took my camera along a shot a few pics here and there.

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