Monday, November 22, 2010

A 30+ mile week

First week totalling 30+ miles since July this year!  Knee still not 100% but I can detect slow improvement from week to week.  I am putting it down to the combination of capcaisin three times per day and running exclusively in Vibrams.  Also some foam rolling before and after most runs.  Haven't tried to increase the speed yet, all miles done at a very easy 10+ minute pace.  Speed can wait.  Just happy to be doing some half decent mileage for a change.  Hopefully it will help to whittle down the extra 10 pounds or so which I have accumulated around my waist over the last 4 months.

Next on the agenda:  Talk to a trainer at Rice Rec Center and set some body fat percentage goals for the end of January 2011.  Worked out at Rice for the first time last Thursday and I was impressed with the range of equipment; also the gym was not crowded at all at around 6:00PM which was surprising.  Will be back there on Tuesday.

Prepared the Pinto Picadillo from Vegan on the Cheap last night.  Interesting flavors but nothing like the real thing I'm afraid.  It was quite nice served with brown rice; also did some baked Asian-style marinated tofu.  Where do you get your protein?  Pinto beans + tofu + brown rice = probably more than we needed.

Lunch yesterday with friends at Goode Company Taqueria on Kirby.  Won't be going back there soon.  Literally nothing on the menu suitable for a vegan, except perhaps the tortilla chips and salsa.  I had to settle for a salad which despite our explicit requests to the contrary, came with pieces of hard boiled egg and feta cheese.  Their beans have pork in it, the rice has chicken pieces, they do not have veggie burgers or portabella fajitas, nothing... You'd think that a restaurant owner would try to maximize his/her profits by catering to all segments of the market.  Apparently not.   I called them this morning and spoke to the manager; apparently they are working on their recipe for portabella fajitas. 

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Alexandra said...

Glad to hear you are making progress with your running. I noticed a few folks here in the summer running in Vibrams. I wonder how they would work in -27 Celsius!