Friday, May 29, 2009

US Vets 5K pics

Kathleen and I had a good day recently at the US Vets 5K which was run here in Terry Hershey Park, just a few miles from our home. Here are some pics from the day.

Kathleen receiving her age group trophy from Race Director Omar Sesay. Nice smile!

And ditto for yours truly.

It was Veterans Day so a shot of Old Glory is in order

Concentration showing as Kathleen crosses a bridge over Buffalo Bayou. These wooden bridges are known to get very slippery in the mornings. I experienced significant schadenfreude a while ago when a biker barged by me from behind right before a bridge, slipped and then crashed unceremoniously. He was ok, just embarrassed as hell.

A few steps further...

Battling away on the inbound leg, fatigue starting to show.

Like so many runners, there's never a good pic taken of me while running, always making weird faces, gasping or otherwise contorting the mug.

Kathleen looks a lot more composed, and showing pretty good form.


johnking said...

way to get some waiting for the anna maria pics!

Amy said...

Great pics and congratulations on both of you winning!

Minken said...

Nice pics of you leading the pack! If I can still recognize running form, it looks like you are providing a nice carrot to Stevie B. behind you!!