Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting started with P90X

By Monday this week I had made it to Day 3 of the P90X program, which starts with Chest & shoulders (tough!); Plyometrics (diabolical!) and then Shoulders & arms (manageable). Unfortunately I have not made it any further yet, having to abandon any thoughts of continuing on to the Yoga section and beyond, due to a lower back injury. I felt something give a little during one of the plyometrics hops, so I wasn't too surprised when my spine was kinked by Tuesday morning.

Hopefully I will be able to pick up the program again by Saturday or Sunday. I have every intention of completing all 90 days of it!

In the interim, I've also not been able to run, which of course bothers me more than anything else. Hope to turn that around by the weekend too. I need to get going in a hurry because Kathleen and I have signed up for three 5K races over the next few weekends, starting on May 9 with the Summer Kickoff 5K in Clear Lake.

We had a nasty surprise on Tuesday morning when heavy rainfall caused a nearby creek to spill water into Memorial Drive which rushed down the main road through our townhouse complex. By 700A that morning we were looking out on what appeared to be a small river flowing down the road. Unfortunately it was not without consequences: our sons' cars (neither of which is worth that much but still in pretty good shape) were parked in the worst spot where the water reached a depth of probably close to 3 feet. The result: several inches of water inside both cars. We're still assessing the damage but it doesn't look good. In more than 10 years of living here, we have never even had an accumulation of inches of water in the driveway, never mind feet... And that was through Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricane Ike & many massive downpours over the years.

The 'river' which had taken over our complex driveway flowed all the way down towards the other end of the complex, where it drained back into a bayou.

The townhouse board president and I surveying the scene of water pouring into the complex

The cars which got flooded were parked on the right hand side of the road, where the water happened to be the deepest.

Both of these cars were severely damaged due to several inches of water pooling on the floorboards.


Alexandra said...

I hope you get all the kinks out can carry on with your running and get going at yoga!

What a mess in your complex! Sorry Mother Nature had to let loose in your area!

Billy Burger said...

oh my lord - that's INSANE. Hope things are a bit better now..

Fishmagic said...

Too bad you don't own a kayak. Seriously, sorry to hear about the damage to the cars. Good luck with P90X.

Amy said...

That is too bad about the cars, but thank goodness it wasn't worse. Good luck with the upcoming 5Ks!

johnking said...

Enjoy AM island. If you go to Rod and Reel Pier, do me a favor and feel the pelican for me. Great running down there, just do it early!! I'm a big fan of The Sandbar...we usually stay right down the beach from it. It has some great shelling there also!

Minken said...

There are all kinds of things I miss about Houston, but the weather and flodding is certainly not one of them!

I am guessing this is from the same event that flooded Pony's house?