Thursday, May 21, 2009

Botswana Safari Photographs

I was up very early this morning - lots to do as I had some work to finish up and then packing for what will hopefully be a nice long 4-day weekend on Anna Maria Island, along Florida's west coast. Kathleen and I will be racing a 5K in Sarasota on Saturday morning, otherwise we will be spending some time on the beach, touring, relaxing, whatever. And no doubt scouting around for somewhere to find vegan food for yours truly. It won't be easy - there is a notable dearth of entries in for vegan restaurants/establishments in the area. Perish the thought that I'll have to spend the weekend eating baked potatoes and (plain) baked beans. Salad bar here we come!

As for progress on the path to finding those pesky missing abs, I've dropped almost 5 lbs over the last 11 days, down to 158 this morning. For the first time in many years, I am now (barely but consistently) under 160 any time of the day. Sooner or later the weight loss will start to help (as in improve!) my running, which is key. It is all about motivation.

Our two sons just returned last week from a 10-day trip to Botswana. Here are a couple of links to a few of their photographs, amongst others of lions, elephant & wild dog. The lion with the wound in his neck (part of the 2-brother coalition affectionately known as the Border Boys) was entangled in a trap in Namibia a couple of years ago. Looks like the wound has never closed up.

Most of the predator pics were taken in the Linyanti Concession, and the others in the western part of the Okavango Delta (Abu Camp) as well as in the central Delta (Xigera Camp).

There are 2 short Flickr slide shows, split into the first 4 days of the trip, and the last 5 days.


johnking said...

im gonna check out the pics but enjoy AM favorite place in the world! lots of good places to run. Sunrises on the beach are great. Dolphins should be around.

Minken said...

Great pics Bert! Although it was VERY difficult to choose a favorite, Jennie and I both give our vote to the one with the 4 elephants in it...that was awesome!

Great job on the weight loss. I have been wanting to get to the 150's again for awhile...I think you just might be the motivation that I need!

Fishmagic said...

How did the race go?

Fishmagic said...

And, WOW, those photos are awesome.