Friday, July 8, 2011

The Whole Foods store in Montrose

The brand new Whole Foods store on Waugh has a pretty good-sized bar right smack in the back of the store, conveniently placed near the wine racks and beer displays.  But of course.  Give this a little time to sink in and single women shoppers will have more to contend with than a crowded parking lot, high prices and overly familiar guys with clip boards.  Nothing like having a vegan nursing a wine glass leering at you while you select cucumbers... Not that I would be guilty of such gauche behavior...

I've been there several times already and while I enjoy the fact that they have many beers and 4 wines on tap, the wait for service can be interminable, or at least 10 to 15 minutes.  Could have gotten a haircut in that time. So I don't have a lot of hair left, ok. Give me a break.  But seriously they need to jack up the 'bar-tending', it is not like selling groceries.  Well it would be if you added a 1 or 2 item quick checkout line! If I wanted to wait 15 minutes to enjoy a beverage I can buy it at Specs and drive home and have it. To the waitstaff: your tip starts out at $10.  Seriously the next time I get immediate service there will be a nice cool $10 left discreetly on the counter.

However, should that not happen and you prefer to have someone in front of me try out 4 different craft beers while endlessly discussing the merits of one over the other, where they are from, how limited the supply is an so on, so be it. Just be mindful that I subtract $1 from the $10 'jackpot' for every minute that clicks by from the moment that I fall in line with my little 'Whole Foods' sack containing some over-priced pearled Farro grain ($6 for 12 oz jeez!) and organic broccoli guaranteed to get limp while I sip on my wine at a tiny metal table overlooking the traffic on Waugh. 

All in jest though, we will be back next Thursday after the usual 'hilly Thursday' run.  I need some nutritional yeast.  And maybe a vegan brownie.  Those are the bomb.


Julia said...

hey now! :) I looooooooooves my new WF's! I just got back from there! I work next door at AIG.

Julia said...

oh and thats my alter ego google :O)

This is actually JunieB. :O)