Sunday, July 10, 2011

Five down, thirteen to go

That would be weeks in the training program for the October 9 2011 Mohawk Hudson Marathon.  At almost one third into the training cycle, there's some reason for optimism, but not too much.  I really struggled to complete today's 14-mile run - and my average pace dropped from around 10 minutes/mile (first few miles) all the way to 10:30 average overall, with the last 4 miles at a snail's pace of over 11 minutes each.  Clearly it was not just because of my poor conditioning or lack of training to date.  To put it mildy, running conditions were hugely unfavorable with the temperature at about 78F when I set off just after 0630A - and humidity at 91% - and heating up quickly to about 85F by 0930A.

Apparently there is now some scientific evidence that running when it is very hot like this is akin to speed training or hill work, it makes you stronger.  Duh!  

Even so, with 'just' 13 weeks left before the marathon, I am really starting to doubt whether a 3:45 time is a realistic goal.  Right now I can't even hold an 8:35 pace for 6 miles, never mind 10, 15 or 26.2...

On the positive side, I have 5 weeks of pretty sold training in the bag, without any major mishaps, illnesses or injuries.  Left heel still presenting plantar fasciitis symptoms, but not getting worse. Yet.  Will have to do more stretching and foam rolling.

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Amy said...

That is some very hot running, indeed!