Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BFB Day 5

It looks like the sudden rash of aerobic exercise - and more thoughtful dietary choices - are starting to pay off.  Weight down to 174 this morning and bodyfat percentage nudging downward at 23.4%.  No time for a run with Daisy this morning (teeth cleaning appointment at 0800A), but made up for it later with an easy 6-mile run along Buffalo Bayou. 

Starting today, I'm doing a 'month of soup':  for the month of December (festive events excluded...) our household will be having a different kind of soup every couple of days or so.  What doesn't get eaten will go into the freezer or be given away. 

Soup #1:  Minestrone Soup with tiny 'meatballs' from Vegan on the Cheap. Verdict:  fairly easy to make (not much prep), except for the no-meat balls but they added a nice protein punch and more flavor.  The soup was delicious, with good texture and layered flavor.  I made the recipe exactly as per the directions, just added a couple of tablespoons of fresh basil just before serving.

This is what it looked like:

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Amy said...

Yum! I've been making a lot of soup lately too - this cold weather is very conducive to that!